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Horus is one of the oldest and well-known of the Ancient Egyptian deities. The Egyptians referred to him mainly as 'Heru', 'Hor', or 'Har'; Horus is the name the ancient Greeks gave him. Some of his titles are as 'the Distant One', 'the One on High', 'the Lord of the Sky', etc. Often depicted as a falcon, there were actually several versions of Horus, just as there was originally more than one falcon god.
One well-known version of Horus is that of him as the son of Isis and Osiris and the enemy of his uncle, Set. He is also sometimes described as the brother of the goddess Hathor; at other times he is her husband, particularly in his centre of worship in Edfu. Horus was also a special patron of the Pharoahs; in life, the Pharoah was considered to be the living embodiment of Horus (and Osiris in death) and was given a 'Horus name'.
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